About Us

             Our company has been active in marine firefighting and lifesaving appliances as supplier and service provider since 1987. The primary goal we set is to provide to our customers with top quality services on Life rafts , Fire fighting equipment , breathing devices , permanent system installations , immersion suits and life jackets.

          The company was established at 1987 by Mr. Simoudis Dimitrios and since then we stayed focused at our primary goal. At 2009 the company turned into "Paralos Hellas - Simoudis D. Ioannis" , carrying years of experience and evolutionary development into maritime field. 

            Understanding the fundemental role of safety in the modern shipping industry , respecting the rules and regulations and investing in continuing education and modern equipment , we are able to withstand the difficult requirements of maritime safety and keep our customers satisfied.

54 Dramas Street , Piraeus , 185 43  Greece  

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TEL : +30 (210 ) - 42 . 00 . 029    Mobile : +30 (694) - 53 . 96 . 696    e@mail : johnsimoudis@gmail.com

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